Drinking Water Quality in India

India is the second most populous country in the world with the population of more than 1.25 billion people. The lack of availability of safe drinking water and poor drinking water quality is one of the major problems that Indian people are facing. The World Bank estimates, 21% of communicable diseases in India are water related. Moreover, due to diarrhea around 500 children under the age of 5 die each day in India alone.

India is a standout amongst the most water-challenged countries in the world. According to the report released to mark the World Water Day shows that India has the highest number of people without access to safe drinking water.

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Important facts about Drinking Water Quality in India

Water pollution in India is one of the major environmental issues. With the increasing urbanization and industrialization, 40% of the surface water is used every year. In north region, around 80% of the surface water is used as it the breadbasket of India. Around 54% of India is facing extremely high water stress. Not just the availability of water is the matter of concern but the quality of the water in India is not good. In India, More than 100 million people are living in areas of poor water quality. As this situation is increasing at such an alarming rate, there is no doubt that the situation can get even worse. However, access to safe drinking water quality varies from state to state.

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Causes of Water Pollution in India

There are many causes of water pollution in India. Some of the major cause of water pollution are mentioned below



Both the large scale and small scale industries are contributing to the increasing rate of pollution in many water sources. Many rivers and other sources are being polluted by the industrial waste. The industrial flow to the water is very toxic. It not only affects the human life but also have hazardous effects on the aquatic life. The thermal power plants, engineering industries, paper mills, sugar and textile industries are the largest contributor of the wastewater.




The rapid urbanization in India gives rise to many environmental issues like waste water generation, bad water supply, and waste disposal. In many urban areas, the waste water coming from homes left untreated that results in water pollution. The untreated water is disposed to the drains joining the rivers, lakes and other water bodies.

Improper agriculture practices

Fertilizers and pesticides causing water pollution

The traces of pesticides and fertilizers are wasted to the nearby water bodies. The excess amount of use of chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers used in farming makes the water even more polluted. Floodplain cultivation also contributes to water pollution as the traces of pesticides and fertilizers allowed to wash into the river during monsoon season.

However in many cities drinking water before coming to your home is treated in municipal water department but the drinking water quality is not always good. Therefore it becomes important to purify the water before consuming.  Sometimes the drinking water contains muddy and turbid water, which can be easily purified by using gravity based water purifier. But sometimes the drinking water contained many harmful deadly micro-organisms that can bring water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, typhoid etc. This contamination can be easily removed by using an UV water Purifier.

Since the water pollution is at its higher peak not only the microorganisms and sediment, there are also heavy metals and other dissolved salts that can have severe health effects your body. RO purification is the best solution for removing heavy metal contamination and makes the water ideal for human consumption. So protect yourself from the harmful water-related diseases and drink pure.

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