Why it is Essential to Retain Minerals in RO Purified Water?

RO water purifiers are the most advanced water purifier available in the market. Many brands have launched their RO water purifier range. RO water purifier can remove all the harmful impurities from the drinking water such as dissolved salts, deadly microorganisms heavy metals etc. One of the biggest disadvantages of RO purification process is that it removes essential minerals from the drinking water.

Minerals in Purified Water

Since ancient times the benefits of minerals in drinking water have been known. People then not only drink mineral water but also take bath in mineral water for rejuvenation as well as to get rid of exhaustion. Calcium represents around 2% of our body weight and magnesium is involved in more than 300 enzymatic responses in the body. Water can give us up to 20% of daily required minerals.  Calcium and magnesium are the most important minerals required by our body.  The removal of minerals in drinking water can cause two problems mentioned below.

  1. Demineralization in water

    First, it will cause demineralization in the water. WHO studies indicates that drinking demineralized or low TDS water can affect your health. Minerals in our diet are not the substitutes for the minerals that we receive from drinking water. They can also be an important supplement for our body. Removal of minerals in drinking water during RO Purification process results in the flat taste of the water.

  2. Decrease in PH level of water

    The second problem is that it can cause high acidity levels in our body. Our bodies are comprised mostly of water, and our blood should be slightly alkaline. Demineralised water can be one of the reasons for acidosis, which is believed to be a basic reason for degenerative diseases. Therefore it is essential to maintain the required amount of minerals in drinking water while using RO water purifier. This will help in maintaining the pH level of the water and the also gives water a sweet taste.

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Removal of Minerals in Drinking water during RO Process

During RO process water is allowed to pass through the RO membrane by applying pressure. The pore size of the RO membrane is so small that only a pure water molecule can pass through it leaving behind all the impurities. With all the impurities all the minerals are also removed from the drinking water. The molecule of minerals is larger than water, therefore, it does not pass through the membrane. RO technology utilized by reputed brands like KENT RO comes with inbuilt TDS controller to retain the vital minerals in the drinking water. With TDS controller you can adjust the mineral content in the drinking water. This functionality not only provides you purified water but also makes it healthy and tasty.


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