HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier Review, Price & Features

Do you filter the supplied water before drinking? Are you aware of the fact that drinking contaminant water can increases the chances of falling prey to waterborne diseases? In order to ensure that you remain free from deadly diseases, the best idea would be to install an RO water purifier, which can not only remove the dissolved impurities but even the micro-organisms as well. You might find several brands of water purifier in the market like Kent, Livpure, HUL and many others that have a wide range of purifiers under its list. Today, let us discuss on HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV water purifier.

Pureit Ultima RO UV Water Purifier review

HUL Pureit Ultima Feature and Specifications

Pureit Ultima is designed using advanced technology, which can digitally explain to you how pure is your drinking water. It can clean impurities from the supplied tap water and deliver you safe drinking water that is free from germs. HUL Pureit Ultima  RO UV water purifier has 6-Stage Purification System that is ‘As Safe as Boiled Water™’. The purifier removes excess total dissolved solids from the raw water and makes your water tastier.

Talking about the purification process, the water, first of all, passes through the Pre-Sediment Filter that removes very fine and coarse particulate from the water. The second stage is Pre-RO Carbon Filter, which removes chlorine & organic impurities. During this stage, the carbon filter adsorbs the bad taste and odor-causing organic compounds from the water. The second stage is followed by Post-Carbon Sediment Filter, where all the remaining dirt is removed thereby providing 100% safe and pure water.

After these processes, the water passes through the RO Membrane, where all the dissolved salts, hardness, pesticides and heavy metals get removed. Besides, with UV technology all the micro-organisms including bacteria, virus, protozoa, and parasites can be removed. After this, the water is passed through the TDS Modulator that would add the adequate quantities of essential minerals to the water. In the final stage, water is passed through Post RO Carbon Filter that further enhances the taste of purified water. The water purifier is added with many other features as well and these are mentioned below:

Specifications of Pureit Ultima are:

  • It has digital display panel
  • The purifier has digital advanced alert system
  • RO protection lock
  • Guided Alert system
  • 10 liters water storage capacity
  • 60 Watts of power Rating
  • Food Grade non-toxic material

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The Bottom Line:

HUL Pureit Ultima can easily remove all the impurities from the raw water and deliver clean drinking water. The purifier seems to be good for installing in your home, but it lacks few things. The water purifier does not have ultrafiltration (UF) technology and it does not have high power 11 watts of UV lamp. Besides, the price is also a bit high compared to other water purifiers. You can check Kent Grand water purifier, which has RO+UV+UF with TDS controller. It also has 11 watts of high power UV lamp that can deactivate all the micro-organisms from the water and make it safe for consumption. Another thing is that the price of HUL Pureit Ultima that is Rs. 15, 950, whereas Kent Grand is just available at Rs. 14, 387. Check the latest price here.

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