KENT Grand Plus Best Selling RO Water Purifier Review

Many people believe that the water that is being supplied to their home is safe for consumption. But, do you know that the supplied water might contain a lot of impurities and this may make you sick. If you believe in stats, you would find that the unsafe water is the biggest killer people throughout the world. Thus, in order to tackle with this severe challenges that occur due to unsafe drinking water, water purification system should be used. There are many water purifier companies that have come out with excellent products, which claims to deliver 100% safe and clean water. Amongst the various brands, KENT is one of the trusted names in the market. It has a wide range of water purifiers that you can choose from and today, we would be discussing the best-selling RO water purifier that is KENT Grand Plus.

About KENT Grand Plus

Under the list of most trusted and largest selling RO water purifier, KENT Grand Plus is ranked on the top page. It is designed to perfection and it has a transparent top cover that perfectly shows off the patented Mineral RO technology of Kent. The model comes with the best purification membranes that ensure that all the impurities are removed from the feed water. The model has double purification technology of RO + UV + UF that cleans the pathogens and helps in delivering 100% clean and pure drinking water for your family. KENT Grand Plus water purifier is also added with TDS controller that works in retaining the essential mineral in the potable water.

KENT Grand Plus Features

Some of the features of KENT Grad Plus are mentioned below:

  • The water purifier has 8 liters of water storing capacity that would allow you to drink water whenever you want to drink. The model has highest purification capacity that is 15 liters per hour.
  • It has auto on-off features. This means that the purifier stops purifying the water when the water is filled in the storage tank. On the other hand, when the water comes down from the certain level, the purifier gets on and starts purifying the water.
  • It has RO+UV/UF water purification technology that excellent removes all kind of impurities from the feed water and make it safe for consumption. RO removes all the total dissolved impurities, UV deactivates the microorganisms and the Ultrafiltration removes the dead microbes and finally leaves 100% pure water for drinking.
  • Filter change and UV fail alarm is another feature of this water purifier. The purifier alerts the user when the filter becomes inefficient to filter. It also alerts when the UV lamp stops working and when it needs to be replaced.
  • The water purifier can purifier more than 50% of water and thus ensuring that you get more rate of purified water and this is possible because of the save water technology added in it.

The water purifier is best to be used in homes and it is suitable for purification of brackish/tap water/municipal corporation water supply. It can remove the impurities from water and ensure that you drink pure water that is 100% fresh and free from contaminations. It has wall mounted design that makes it easily install anywhere you want to. Moreover, the water purifier also has ABS body material that makes it corrosion free.


If you are looking for a water purifier that is best in terms of both design and performance, then make sure to install KENT Grand Plus water purifier. With a tag of the highest selling model in the market, the purifier would deliver pure water to drink whenever you want to.

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