KENT Perk Commercial RO Water Purifier Review

If you think about your good health, you should always drink fresh, clean and pure water. No doubt you have a water purifier in hour home, but what about in your office. Are you drinking safe water? Well, every employer should know that a healthy employee can uplift your company and it is important that you provide them healthy water to drink. So, here comes the use of commercial water purifier. A commercial RO water purifier comes with all the latest technologies that can get rid of unwanted and harmful contaminants and provide the best quality of drinking water.

Why use commercial RO water purifier?

Using a commercial RO water purifier can remove all the impurities from the supplied water and make it safe for consumption. Tap water or the supplied water might taste bitter and this would be due to the presence of heavy metals or bacteria or other dissolved impurities. So, you should not take the tap water or the supplied water for granted, instead, you should start using an RO water purifier. Getting the supplied water filtered would make your daily water healthy and enjoyable.

Talking about the commercial RO water purifier, you would find that there are different brands that offer such purifiers and here will study about Kent Perk commercial RO water purifier.

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Kent Perk RO water purifier Review

KENT Perk is a Chiller cum Water Dispenser that comes with KENT’s patented Mineral ROTM Technology and has double purification technology that is RO+UF. With the help of this purification process, it can remove all the dissolved impurities like chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and salts makes the water 100% pure for consumption.

The purifier comes with an inbuilt TDS controller that can help retain essential minerals in water and make it safe for consumption. It is a multi-functional machine that can supply both chilled and normal water. In addition, KENT Perk RO water purifier also comes with a double protection temperature controller that maintains the water temperature from 7 to 17 degree C. The RO water purifier suitable for brackish and tap water and you can use it for homes, offices, showrooms, restaurants, institutions and etc.

Features of KENT Perk Commercial RO Water Purifier
Features of KENT Perk Commercial RO Water Purifier

Some of the features of Kent Perk RO Water Purifier

  • The purifier is constructed using ABS food grade plastic material
  • Its purification capacity is up to 50 Liter/hour
  • Filter cartridges used sediment, carbon blocks
  • It has Ultrafiltration membrane that can remove impurities from water
  • The purifier has the storage capacity of 20 liters
  • It runs on booster pump voltage of 24VDC
  • Kent Perk RO water purifier forced convention air-cooled condenser

The RO water purifier has all the required technologies, which would ensure delivery of healthy water. Install it in your home or office and drink 100% pure and safe water.


Kent Perk RO water purifier is a nice product giving all the features required by a water purifier. Its purification technology is best enough that suits for any kind of water supplies like bore-wells, municipal taps and even from overhead storage tanks. So, if you are looking for a commercial RO water purifier KENT Perk can be your choice. We recommend this product for homes, offices, showrooms, institutions, and hotels use because of its excellent features, positive customer reviews and prompt after sales support.

With comprehensive water purification technology, KENT Perk stands to be better than the conventional office water dispensers. It makes water better than the bottled quality and installing this commercial water purifier would even save the hassle of replacing 20 liters water jars.


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