KENT Pristine Wall Mounted/Counter-top Water Purifier Review

Water is regarded as the most vital element of our life and its purity should be given the highest priority by all of us because water is our Life Line. It is very important for our body because every part of our body needs water for perfect functionality. Talking about drinking water, you should always ensure to consume safe and 100% pure water as this can let you stay away from waterborne diseases. In India, there are different sources of collecting drinking water supply and these are lakes, rivers, bore-wells and even harvested rainwater. Depending on the source of water the quality of water is supplied.

Any source of water that is being supplied to your home might contain chemicals, harmful microorganisms (Virus, bacteria and etc.), hardness and even other pollutants. These are what we call as water contamination, which is a serious problem in India. Drinking such kind of water can make you feel ill and get encountered with different diseases. So, what is the solution? In order to get access to clean, safe, drinking water, you can use water purifier and this is the easiest solution to stay healthy and drink 100% pure water.

Know About KENT Pristine

There are many manufacturers that have developed a variety of water purifiers in order to meet the growing demands of the people. Amongst the different brands, KENT is one of the prominent manufacturers that has a wide range of water purifiers on the list and today we will discuss KENT Pristine RO water purifier.


  • KENT Pristine is an advanced domestic water purifier that is designed using finest quality ABS materials. This makes the model durable and long lasting in nature.
  • The model can be installed as both table top and wall mounted according to your preference. It also comes with an elegant white opaque cover and with a detachable storage tank, which you can be easily removed and cleaned without the help of a technician.
  • It has double purification technology and that is RO+UV/UF that perfectly eliminates all the impurities and pathogens from water and make it safe for drinking. Its high power 11 watts UV lamp deactivates all the microorganism from feed water and passes you clean and contaminate free water.
  • KENT Pristine has TDS controller added in it that helps in retaining all the essential minerals in water and make it pure for consumption.
  • It has 8 liters of water storing capacity that is sufficient to meet the need of a family holding more than 5 members
  • It has save water technology that ensures that that recovers more than 50% water as purified water.


If you are looking for an RO water purifier that can be installed in your home, then go for KENT Pristine, which is one of the widely preferred purifiers that is loved by all. Not only its design, but the purification technology and the storing capacity is also excellent of this purifier. So, get a free home demo today and then install it accordingly to drink 100% pure and safe water.

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