Prevent Plastic Pollution For Healthy Ocean: World Ocean Day 2018

Do you know almost everything that you come into contact with is plastic? Right from the teacups to a computer mouse and from mobile phones to computer monitor to name the few. This is not the end of the list, if you turn around you would find plastic products everywhere. Everyone uses the plastic product, but what do we do after using it? The simple answer is we throw it and that lead to plastic pollution. While some of the product is picked and recycled, some are simply thrown into landfills making environment unclean. Besides, the loosely disposed plastic finally ends up settling into waterways making the water contaminated. This World Ocean Day, the theme is “Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean”.

Why has Plastic Pollution become a threat?

Plastic and the use of the plastic product are posing an environmental threat. Plastic pollution mainly involves the gathering of plastic products in the environment. This adversely affects lands, waterways, oceans, living organisms and even the marine animals. A report says that about 80% of all pollution in the ocean is manmade. It is also stated that per year 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean. This creates havoc on wildlife, fisheries, and tourism. Beside this, it is due to the plastic pollution that every year 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals dies.

plastic pollution in the ocean - World Oceans Day

So, what we are doing to save our nature? Well, we celebrate World Oceans Day every year. The day is celebrated in order to remind everyone how important oceans are for every living being. Oceans are regarded as the lungs of our planet and home for sea animals. The ultimate purpose of World Ocean Day is to inform the common mass the impact of human actions on the ocean. Health Ocean can lead to the healthy planet and thus we should stand united and work towards sustainable management of the world’s oceans.

Solution to Plastic Pollution in the oceans

Everyone should do something that can help in reducing the amount of plastic pollution that enters the ocean. Here are some of the points mentioned below:

  • Try using reusable produce bags
  • Reduce the use of plastic bags, water bottles, straws, cups and etc.
  • Use glass containers so that you can simply wash and reuse it
  • Say no to plasticware like chopstick, spoon, fork and etc.
  • Participate in a beach and river clean-up projects

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The Bottom Line

Plastic pollution is the greatest threat to the ocean and we should work together to make sure that we can keep the oceans healthy. Follow the solutions that are mentioned below and support the organizations addressing plastic pollution. Celebrate World Ocean Day this year with your friends and family and be a part of the great cause to reduce plastic waste and keep our environment safe and healthy.

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