RO Or UV – Which Water Purifier is Best for your Home?

When you look at the people who fall sick due to drinking contaminated water, you thank God that you have supplied water that comes from the municipal corporation.  But do you think that the supplied water is 100% pure and safe? If you have any confusion, you can easily get the water tested. Besides, if you find the water taste good but you are not sure about the presence of harmful micro-organisms, then you can use UV based water purifier. If you find the supplied water is not that pure and it contains dissolved impurities, then the best thing would be to go for RO water purifier.

People prefer RO water purifiers than the UV purifiers because RO gives a high level of purification compared to UV as UV purifier are combined with various forms of filtration and can kill bacteria and viruses. So the big question is which water purifier is good for your home.

Let us discuss which water purifier is best for your home

RO Water Purifier

RO water purifiers are added to a membrane that perfectly filters the dissolved solids and invisible particles from the water. The purifier can also reduce germs present in water and deliver clean water. Filtering of chemicals and microbes from water would let you drink 100% pure water and protect your family member from waterborne diseases. The RO water purifier perfectly moves the molecules from higher solute concentration to lower solute concentration and it is done by using the pressure of incoming water. The water is forced to flow across the membrane thereby leaving the impurities behind.


The compete RO water purification process explains the initial stage and that is when the raw water is passed through sediment filter that cleans all the solid dissolved particles present in the water. It is then passed through activated carbon filter where it effectively removes chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), taste and odor from water. It is then passed through the UV rays where the micro-organisms are deactivated/killed and the UF membrane stops the killed pathogens enter the filtered water. RO purifier removes essential mineral from the water during filtration, and to retain the minerals in the filtered water, TDS controller is added to the water purifiers. After this in the final stage, post-carbon filter is used to further purify the water and let you drink 100% clean and pure water.

Ultra Violet (UV) system

There is water purifier with UV filtration process and that work with UV rays. Here the germs and microbes are destroyed passing through the UV rays after the RO stage and give pure and healthy water. In this filtration process, all the harmful contaminants like bacteria, virus, and cysts are killed and this ensures that you drink clean water. The UV water purifier penetrates the cells of bacteria and even destroys the ability to reproduce.


Now that when you have comprehended the difference between the RO and UV filtration process, you can easily get the one according to the quality of the water. Get your water tested and check the TDS level as well. If it is high, you can use RO water purifier and for low TDS level in the water, UV water purifier would be suitable. There are different brands of water purifier like KENT, HUL, Aquaguard and etc. which you can select according to your preferences.

The Bottom Line

To drink pure water, all you have to do is to filter the raw water using a water purifier. With different brands and models of water purifier available in the market, make the right choice after stringently checking the quality of water and the TDS level. Read the specifications, filtration technology, and customer reviews before opting for any water purifier.

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