Top 3 Best Water Purifier for Home 2017


Have you ever thought what will happen to the mankind when they don’t have enough drinking water? There is no life on earth without water. Drinking water is another utmost need of a human being to survive on this planet after air, therefore the purity of water should never be neglected. Hence, water purifier has become the necessity for every family. To ensure that we drink pure water, all we have to do is, buy the best water purifier for home. To purchase the best water purifier for your family, we have some of the top water purifier brands like Kent, Pureit, and Aquaguard. In this article, we will discuss the top 3 best RO water purifier in India for domestic purpose.

ProductKENT Prime TCAquaguard GeneusPureit Ultima
Rating4.7 4 3.6
Price₹ 19,000/-₹ 24,490/-₹ 22,990/-
Purification TypeRO-UV-UFRO-UV-UFRO-UV
Storage Capacity9 Litres7 Litres10 Litres
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1. Kent Prime TC

KENT Prime TC RO water Purifier

When you talk about best RO water purifier, Kent Prime TC is one that comes top on the list. It is best suited for purifying brackish/tap water/municipal corporation water supply. It is a smart RO water Purifier that is well-equipped with many high-tech features like “Save water technology“, water level indicator and etc. The wall mountable RO water purifier looks very stylish due to its water level indicator, which makes it a perfect pick for your kitchen.

KENT Prime TC RO water purifier offers double purification technology with RO+UV+UF with TDS Controller which gives 100% purified water. In addition to this, the purifier is very much capable of removing all kind of harmful impurity like chemicals, bacteria, viruses & salts, making the water 100% pure.  It has inbuilt TDS controller that can help retain all the essential natural minerals in the water. KENT Prime TC comes with 9 litres of purified water storage capacity and its purification capacity is more than 20 L/hr, which will help in providing purified water at a faster rate, making it easily available for you. This RO purifier is perfectly tested & certified for its excellent performance and quality by world’s renowned laboratories like WQA (USA & India), NSF (USA) and ISI (India).

Most Noteworthy Features of Prime TC Water Purifier

  • Double purification of RO+UV+UF to give 100% pure water
  • TDS controller to retain natural essential minerals
  • UV fail alarm and filter change alarm
  • Large storage capacity of 9 litres with water level indicator
  • Fully automatic with auto ON and OFF
  • Push-fit component to prevent water leakage
  • Food safe non-toxic ABS plastic body material

 Find Here: TDS Level in Drinking Water Acceptable Limit

2. Aquaguard Geneus


Aquaguard Geneus RO UV water purifier comes from the house of Eureka Forbes which is one of the oldest company in water purifier industry. This water purifier comes with the technology of RO and UV for delivering pure water. Aquaguard Geneus water purifier comes with unique taste modulator which adjusts the taste of water according to your preference. Aquaguard Geneus is efficient in purifying the water, making it safe for human consumption. It comes with LED indicator which helps in identifying the modes of purification.

The unique taste guard technology automatically senses the water quality and does the purification process accordingly to give pure water. Overall Design of Aquaguard Geneus RO water purifier is good but it comes with little storage capacity of 7 liters.

Key features of Aquaguard Geneus

  • Intelligent E-boiling technology to give pure water
  • Suitable for all type of water
  • Purification of water with RO, UV, and UF technology
  • Unique taste Guard technology
  • LED indicator to display modes of purification
  • 7 Litre storage capacity
  • Mineral Guard technology to give pure water to its essential minerals

Pureit Ultima

Pureit Ultima - Top 3 Best Water Purifier for 2017

This list would be incomplete without Pureit Ultima, water purifier from Hindustan Unilever. Pureit Ultima comes with purification technology RO & UV to provide pure drinking water. Where RO purification process removes harmful dissolved salts from the water, UV Kills all the deadly microorganisms.

Since the storage capacity of Pureit Ultima is 10 liter it will ensure the regular supply of water when there will be some power cut issue. This water purifier is equipped with TDS regulator which adds mineral to the water and give pure and tasty water. To make sure you see the availability of the pure water, this water purifier comes with a LED display on the front. Because of the elegant design of the water purifier, it is widely preferred by the customers. This water purifier is also very much suitable to filter out all the type of water coming from different sources.

Key Features of Pureit Ultima

  • 10 Litre Storage Capacity
  • Purification technology of RO and UV
  • TDS Modulator which adds mineral to the drinking water
  • Digital advance alert system
  • LED purity indicator
  • Auto start and Stop functionality

We hope that all the details that we have mentioned will help you to take the right decision in selecting the best water purifier for home. Check the technical features of the water purifier and even the prices before you purchase any Ro water purifier. If you want to stay protected from the water-related issues, the best thing that you should do is to buy the best water purifier for your home.

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  1. This is a well-researched article and RO is must since groundwater is getting contaminated these days and exposing ourself to harsh chemicals can lead to diseases that required long-term treatment…

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